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Mar 22

Google Keep VS Evernote

Google Keep with a few notes

While reading a LifeHacker article today, came across a reference to something new called “Google Keep“.  Having never heard of it, I thought I would check it out.  I love Google as a company, and take every piece of software they come out with automatically as a serious contender. But then I found out what …

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Jul 26

How to download internet videos easily and for free

I used to think that downloading internet videos (YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, and all the others) was best done through Zamzar, but I have recently discovered a faster way: ClipNabber combined with Format Factory. Links: ClipNabber Format Factory ClipNabber will download the FLV (flash video) file for any video, and then you can use …

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Apr 13

Free Video Editing Tools

The Giveaway Of The Day today is a piece of software for video editing. Very rarely do I ever download the giveaway of the day (though I have and would if something quality came along), but often I will look through the comments for free alternatives to the software in question! Today I did that …

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Jun 21

Video: Higher Level Reflection in action

Came across a discussion on reflection in a prezi (linked from #EdChat today). In the Prezi, a video of a child trying to figure out how to make a Bow drill set was shown.

Sep 18

Prezi: An eye catching presentation tool

Ever sit in a presentation and see the same PowerPoint theme you have seen over and over? Doesn’t that immediately take a little wind out of the presentation for you? Lots of us get sick and tired of seeing PowerPoint. Prezi (link), a Web 2.0 tool, is designed to be an alternative to PowerPoint…a significantly …

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Sep 09

Planning Meetings the Web 2.0 way

It often happens that you are organizing a meeting between a number of people (maybe some of which are in your organization, and maybe some aren’t), and you need to find a time slot that will work for everyone. This can be a very annoying task using email, and sometimes more than one email are required to each person. If you are lucky enough to be in an organization where everyone is using some sort of resource tracker like Outlook, then you could just look it up, but I’ve found a much more general way to do so.

Aug 23

Wikis in University Teaching and Learning

Found this on YouTube today: a video of “53 Useful things you can do with Wikis in your teaching”, specifically in a University setting. Enjoy! Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on FacebookShare on LinkedinShare with StumblersTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this postPrint for later

Jan 20

Participating in #EdChat


Twitter has become a great resource to me and to many other teachers in the world. Not at all that it was designed for us, but it became a world in which so many people were getting together that teachers eventually just found each other, and not so much created #EdChat, as let it happen.  The original concept of twitter was strange (updating what you are doing from anywhere and at any time), but what it has turned into is an amazing resource.  Once teachers became involved with each other on twitter, they formed groups, and eventually started holding regular meetings to discuss and share with each other.  #EdChat (yes, the “#” is supposed to be there) is a chat created by educators for educators that takes place on Twitter using the hashtag #EdChat.

Sep 01

Classroom Twitter at U of Texas

Twitter Bird

One of the things I love to do is browse social media sites and find great links on how people are using technology in unusual, interesting, and powerful ways to educate people in various fields. White recently playing around with Google Wave, I came across some waves people had made that talk about using technology (like Google Wave) in the classroom. In this particular thread was a youtube video that talked about one Dr. Monica Rankin using twitter to further class discussion in a university History class in the states. Now you must understand that at this point, as far as I was concerned, twitter was the most stupid thing I had ever heard of, and I saw no use to it. This video opened up a whole new world to me.