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Sep 22

MIT OpenCourseWare: Teaching College-Level Science

I came across a course today on MIT OpenCourseWare Teaching College-Level Science. For those that are not aware, MIT OpenCourseWare is a service that has been offered by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for a number of years now where they basically take their entire set of courses and put them up online for free (not for credit as far as I know, but you can take them and learn the content completely free). Some even have full lectures online in video format, assignments, lecture notes, reading assignments, and the like. The concept is that of a MOOC: A Massively Online Open Course.

Sep 06

Article: For Classes, Online + Bigger = Better?

I am a firm believer in distance education…I think it is the wave of the future. The internet is not nearly being used to its potential for education, and this will change over the next many years.