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Jul 04

Changing parts of already existing commands and environments in LaTeX

In using the exam document class, I thought it would be nice to be able to include a new page at the end of every solution. The solutions I had in this particular document were long, and to separate the solutions from the next questions, I thought this would be nice. The nicest way would …

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Jul 15

Writing Math on the Internet

With the development of Google Docs (http://docs.google.com/), one has to do word processing on their computer less and less. Working online is usually faster (just a browser to load), and allows your data to be stored in “the cloud”–that is, online rather than on your computer, making the files more secure.

However, for mathematicians there has always been a problem with this–LaTeX. Many of us use LaTeX to write everything. Academic papers, tests and exams, assignments, and even worksheets and letters (my CV was even made in LaTeX). Because of this there has not been much opportunity to switch over to using Google Docs (or any other online office suite). But as more websites are being created, more Web 2.0 apps are being written, we have today some nice options.

Apr 22

A For loop in LaTeX!

Here is some beautiful code I found on the internet some time ago, which produces a recursive for loop in LaTeX:

Jan 10

Quick and Easy Margin Control in LaTeX

It can be a real pain sometimes to get the margins right in a LaTeX document. The package “geometry” gives you quick and easy control over the margins in any document.

Jan 10

Creating Multiple Columns Easily in LaTeX

There is a really easy way to create and control the number of columns you have in any LaTeX document.

Dec 04

Complete control of LaTeX Headers and Footers

LaTeX is a great way for producing beautifully written math in PDFs for printing and online use. Here is the code to have complete control over your headers and footers in LaTeX.