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Jul 27

Video: Next-Generation Learning.

Learning is changing and has changed significantly, even since I first started university in the year 2000.  Here’s a great (cute)  video with some kids talking about that change.  Enjoy! We need to do things differently, and do so every day, every term, and every class. Keep learning! -Rob Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on …

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Jul 10

Do We Need to Pay 100s of 1000s of Dollars in Tuition to Hear Repeated Lectures?

By Lance Winslow If you are going to be a University Professor, then you had better learn to give good lectures right? Well, not so fast, as that old arcane method may not be in our future. Not only is it contagiously repetitious, it turns out that technique does not always yield the best results …

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Jun 04


Wanted to share a video I saw today about a YouTube channel called MinutePhysics. MinutePhysics is a YouTube channel made up by Henry Reich with the goal of explaining complicated physics concepts to the general audience.  He has done amazingly well, only being around for a year and having as of today 314,953 subscribers and …

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Apr 13

Free Video Editing Tools

The Giveaway Of The Day today is a piece of software for video editing. Very rarely do I ever download the giveaway of the day (though I have and would if something quality came along), but often I will look through the comments for free alternatives to the software in question! Today I did that …

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Jun 21

Video: Higher Level Reflection in action

Came across a discussion on reflection in a prezi (linked from #EdChat today). In the Prezi, a video of a child trying to figure out how to make a Bow drill set was shown.