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May 24

ePortfolios in Education

Today’s #edchat was about using Portfolios in education.

Jan 20

Participating in #EdChat


Twitter has become a great resource to me and to many other teachers in the world. Not at all that it was designed for us, but it became a world in which so many people were getting together that teachers eventually just found each other, and not so much created #EdChat, as let it happen.  The original concept of twitter was strange (updating what you are doing from anywhere and at any time), but what it has turned into is an amazing resource.  Once teachers became involved with each other on twitter, they formed groups, and eventually started holding regular meetings to discuss and share with each other.  #EdChat (yes, the “#” is supposed to be there) is a chat created by educators for educators that takes place on Twitter using the hashtag #EdChat.

Sep 01

Classroom Twitter at U of Texas

Twitter Bird

One of the things I love to do is browse social media sites and find great links on how people are using technology in unusual, interesting, and powerful ways to educate people in various fields. White recently playing around with Google Wave, I came across some waves people had made that talk about using technology (like Google Wave) in the classroom. In this particular thread was a youtube video that talked about one Dr. Monica Rankin using twitter to further class discussion in a university History class in the states. Now you must understand that at this point, as far as I was concerned, twitter was the most stupid thing I had ever heard of, and I saw no use to it. This video opened up a whole new world to me.