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Jul 27

Video: Next-Generation Learning.

Learning is changing and has changed significantly, even since I first started university in the year 2000.  Here’s a great (cute)  video with some kids talking about that change.  Enjoy! We need to do things differently, and do so every day, every term, and every class. Keep learning! -Rob Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on …

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Apr 23

Generating Cool Anonymous User Names for Students

If you want your students to all have usernames on a blog or a wiki or something like this, it’s a good idea to generate them yourself.  I learned this the hard one, when in one instance I was using a forum, and I let the students create their own usernames, one of them actually …

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Feb 04

Technology not always effective in teaching

Today I came across an article of a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, suggesting essentially that Technology in schools is more trouble than it’s worth.

Nov 05

Motivation Is KING in Education

…[T]he whole problem of education comes down to motivating students.  If students are super motivated, they will work as hard as they need to in order to learn the material.  Moreso, whenever we introduce a technology to the classroom, it should have a positive effect on motivation, and, if ever adding a technology DECREASES motivation, it should likely be removed IMMEDIATELY.