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Jun 04


Wanted to share a video I saw today about a YouTube channel called MinutePhysics. MinutePhysics is a YouTube channel made up by Henry Reich with the goal of explaining complicated physics concepts to the general audience.  He has done amazingly well, only being around for a year and having as of today 314,953 subscribers and …

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Jun 01

Presentation: The Role of Technology in the Life of a University-Level Educator

On behalf of UTS, I put on a presentation on the Role of Technology in the Life of a University-Level Educator.  If you attended, please fill in the following feedback form.   If you didn’t get to the presentation, you can still feel free to fill it out if you would like a copy of …

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Apr 13

Free Video Editing Tools

The Giveaway Of The Day today is a piece of software for video editing. Very rarely do I ever download the giveaway of the day (though I have and would if something quality came along), but often I will look through the comments for free alternatives to the software in question! Today I did that …

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Sep 22

MIT OpenCourseWare: Teaching College-Level Science

I came across a course today on MIT OpenCourseWare Teaching College-Level Science. For those that are not aware, MIT OpenCourseWare is a service that has been offered by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for a number of years now where they basically take their entire set of courses and put them up online for free (not for credit as far as I know, but you can take them and learn the content completely free). Some even have full lectures online in video format, assignments, lecture notes, reading assignments, and the like. The concept is that of a MOOC: A Massively Online Open Course.

Sep 18

Prezi: An eye catching presentation tool

Ever sit in a presentation and see the same PowerPoint theme you have seen over and over? Doesn’t that immediately take a little wind out of the presentation for you? Lots of us get sick and tired of seeing PowerPoint. Prezi (link), a Web 2.0 tool, is designed to be an alternative to PowerPoint…a significantly …

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