Oct 01

3 ways to make the math labs actually useful to you!

These are the notes from a Periscope video I did on 2015-10-01.  Follow me on Periscope to be able to watch future videos!

3 ways to make the math labs actually useful to you!


  1. Actually show up
    1. We made these courses to NEED labs.
    2. By not showing up, you have no chance of using them
  2. Cooperate with me to make them great
    1. Imagine you own a pizza restaurant
      1. You hire employees and train them the best you can, but they are really not doing what the customers want (but you don’t know)
      2. But then you have an audience with the customers and you ask them and no one says anything bad about them!
    2. Let me ask you this: could you IMAGINE A LAB where someone really good at math was doing something that was really valuable to you?  Can you envision such a thing?
      2. I can do something about the labs not meeting your needs now.  Talk to me!  Tell me!
    3. I’ve had people in my office (3 or 4 now) where I initiated the conversation about the labs, and they tell me the TA is doing this or that which is not helpful!
      1. You do know I’m the BOSS right?
      2. I can HIRE, I can FIRE, I can MAKE them do things as I want them to!
      3. But I need to know there is a problem.
  3. Take personal responsibility
    1. If they do something you don’t understand, STOP THEM
      1. It could be math
      2. It could be english!
      3. It doesn’t matter
      4. If you are going to get the most out of the labs, make sure you SAY SOMETHING.

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