Sep 29

3 steps to make good quality study goals

Welcome to the notes from my first Math SCOPE! Depending on how this goes in the future I may make these more detailed. If people like this set up, who knows where this will go next week/month/year. For now, this is just the notes I used to speak today.

SMART Study Goals

– Specific. Goals like “STUDY” are horrible.
– Measurable. Be clear if you’ve done it or not
– Actionable. Start with a action verb like “DO” or “TRY” or “CALCULATE”
– Realistic. But outside your comfort zone. Start with crazy and dial it back.
– Time Bound. Always have a due date.

Examples of bad goals

– I will study tonight
– I will learn 1.1

Examples of good goals

– I will do 20 questions from the worksheet posted that covers 1.1 content, checking whether I got them right or wrong 5 at a time, and I will do this before midnight tonight.
– I will attempt to write solutions for questions 19-25 in section 1.1 before class with Rob on Thursday so that I can ask him how I did on them when I see him.

3 Steps to make good quality goals for studying

  1. Write out your schedule for the days until the exam (or next milestone – midterm, assignment due, whatever)
  2. Write high level SMART goals for what you will do each day until then
  3. Choose a small time interval (maybe from now until your next class) and then write more specific SMART goals for those days (today, tomorrow maybe)

Good luck!


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