Jan 08

Sad at the loss of Google Appointment Slots? Use YouCanBook.Me!

Hey everyone,

Heard today that Google has gotten rid of their Calendar Appointment Slots…and this was a shock to me, but not because I love them, but because I had never heard of them!!  Oh wow, these could have been cool to use!  However, because I didn’t know they existed, and I wanted the functionality, I had to find something else that would do the job…and I did.

Enter YouCanBook.me (http://www.youcanbook.me).  YouCanBook.me (YCB.me) connects with your google calendar, and allows anyone with the link to make an appointment with you that will appear directly into your calendar (and theirs if they use google calendar too).  The service started completely free, but they have added some “pro” features lately.  However, even with just the free stuff, the set up was very detailed and had a lot of quality options (in fact, so many that I can’t list them all here).  The main features I like were the ability to set a start time, set an end time, and set an appointment length.  The features are vast, but it did the job I wanted very well.  If you would like, you can check out my appointment page at http://robertborgersen.youcanbook.me and see how easy it is.  It sees in my calendar all the spots I am busy and shows the times I am free.

This is very useful for teachers.  I now have very few (if any) fixed office hours, because students love the ability to check quickly and make appointments with me whenever works for them.  It’s also very convenient for me – when someone emails me and needs to come see me, I just point them to the appointment site (including TAs, students, and anyone else that needs to come by my office).

I use it as an iframe in my course pages to make it smooth and easy to use for my students.  You can see my Calculus site for an example – just click on “Book me” in the top right.

Hope you find this as a useful replacement for Google Appointment slots!  Keep Learning!


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