Nov 04

AutoHotKey + Evernote = Cool!

This blog post will be continually updated with cool AutoHotKey scripts I find / come up with for use with Evernote. Please comment if you have any cool ones you would like to share!

Open Evernote

Probably one of my most useful AutoHotKey scripts. Open and bring Evernote to the front from anywhere, whether it is already running or not.
IfWinExist, ahk_class ENMainFrame
Run Evernote.exe, %A_ProgramFiles%\Evernote\Evernote\

Archive selected notes

I have a notebook called Archive for all my notes that I want to keep but want archived. ┬áIt’s the only notebook I have that starts with “a”, so writing a AutoHotKey script to archive a message at the touch of a hotkey (I use Ctrl+Shift+a) was pretty easy:

sleep 50
Send !n
sleep 50
send v
sleep 50
send n
sleep 50
send a
sleep 50
send !o
WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame

I have also modified this to send notes to other notebooks in the same way. This is very useful, but only if your notebooks don’t change very much. For instance, if I change my notebooks and there is another that starts with “A”, this code may send the notes there instead of the archive.

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  1. Sam

    Here’s a script that may work a bit faster… Sleep really isn’t necessary…
    And here are a few variations of the same

    ;Send to Cabinet
    Send !nvnc!o
    WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame

    The following code uses a combination of two keys… #and the key letter of your tag, like so… Because Evernote uses a lot of Ctrl/Shift/Alt based shorcuts already! It’s easy to use, since you can just put in these keywords as you’re typing your note in…

    ;Tag as @Work
    sleep 50
    Send !nt@w{Space}{Enter}
    WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame

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