Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 10

Social Network Technology in the Classroom

By Rich L Kaye Considering that today’s students were born wired, and live and play in the world of the Web, the challenge for many teachers and administrators is meeting students on their own turf and adapting to the students’ medium of choice. Specifically, the emergence of social networks has created a technical gap between …

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Jun 04


Wanted to share a video I saw today about a YouTube channel called MinutePhysics. MinutePhysics is a YouTube channel made up by Henry Reich with the goal of explaining complicated physics concepts to the general audience.  He has done amazingly well, only being around for a year and having as of today 314,953 subscribers and …

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Jun 01

Presentation: The Role of Technology in the Life of a University-Level Educator

On behalf of UTS, I put on a presentation on the Role of Technology in the Life of a University-Level Educator.  If you attended, please fill in the following feedback form.   If you didn’t get to the presentation, you can still feel free to fill it out if you would like a copy of …

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