Jun 21

Video: Higher Level Reflection in action

Came across a discussion on reflection in a prezi (linked from #EdChat today). In the Prezi, a video of a child trying to figure out how to make a Bow drill set was shown.

Here is the Prezi: The Reflective School by Peter Pappas

Here is the (original) video:

He just couldn’t get it to work. So he made this video and posted it to YouTube showing how he is currently doing it and asking for advice in the comments.  Over 50 people posted comments, many of them VERY good.

This student (of wilderness) looked at his problem and thought about it to the point he was able to generate questions to ask.  He then asked them, taking an active role in coming up with the solution.  This is something I want all my students to do: take their learning as their responsibility and get help when they need it.

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