Aug 05

Google Wave Is OUT!

Amazing news hit the internet, August 4th, 2010: Google Wave is OUT. Google has decided that “[Google Wave] has not seen the user adoption [they] would have liked”, and that they are not going “to continue developing Wave as a standalone product”, though they will leave it up until the end of the year.

I was of the thought that Google Wave could be amazing, but using it a bit, I found it clunky, slow, and hard to follow. It may have been a too ambitious goal.

There are two major schools of thought in program development: do you write a program that is useful to everyone for every purpose and is completely self contained? Or do you write a program that does one thing and does it well? For instance, OpenOffice and MS Office are whole document suites, and they aim to meet all your office needs, whether it be writing simple text, formatted text, spreadsheets, presentations, or what-have-you. Other programs are more simple, like one of my favorite little utilities, Huey (link). All Huey does is tell you the color of something on the screen, and gives you that color in RGB, or HEX, or whatever format you need it for writing programs, or for making web pages, or whatever. It doesn’t try to do anything more complex.  It loads fast, and does it’s job exceedingly well.

Personally, I think I prefer the small program that does its job well for most things.  What do you think?  Are you going to miss Google Wave?

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